AOE Air Sterilizer Y-SP1201



Air Sterilizer


Model: Y-SP1201

Applicable volume: 80m3

Rated voltage/frequency: 220V~/50Hz

Rated power: 120W

Noise: =<70dB(A)

Circulating air volume: 950m3/h

Antivirus factor intensity (ultraviolet radiation intensity): 25uW/cm2 (1m distance)

UV leakage: <1umW/cm2 (30cm distance)

Negative ion concentration: >3 million/cm3

Staphylococcus aureus (kill rate): >=99.9%

Air natural bacteria (death rate): >=93%

Applicable volume: 80m3

Dimensions: 450 x 388 x 770 (mm)

Net weight: 16.5Kg

Conditions of use: Ambient temperature: 0°C~40°C Ambient humidity: 20%~90%RH


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